Route 91, Foster the People, Love & Fear

So as many of you know, the event that took place late October 1st, in Las Vegas, Nevada, left many people devastated.  Thousands of country music lovers gathered together to hear some of the biggest names in the country genre, only to end with loss and grief.

Immediately, the masses took off to politics.

The reason i wanted to talk about this is because every time something like this happens I tend to think “this won’t happen again”, but sadly I’m proven wrong and it actually seems to be happening more often now. After the bombing in Manchester it just felt unreal that someone would target these safe, loving places. Not that any other location doesn’t matter. Although the two incidents were very different, they seem to have the same motive, to instill fear, to divide people, to promote hate, to make the world look evil.

I was inspired to write this post after feeling so upset about the Route 91 incident, and after hearing a speech made by the frontman of one of my favorite bands, Foster the People. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, they are mostly recognized for their 2011 hit single “Pumped Up Kicks”. Now you know who I’m talking about right? Ever since the song’s release, it has been heavily criticized for its dark undertones. “Sure its catchy, but have you heard the lyrics?” critics would ask. The song is about a troubled kid who decides to carry on a school shooting. Frontman Mark Foster has responded to these comments by saying, “This song was written as a way to create ongoing dialogue for an issue that was being talked about, but when it came to government intervention, was largely being ignored.”

At their Charlotte, North Carolina show, the night after the Route 91 incident, Mark Foster delivered an emotional speech about gun violence, fear, love, the goodness of humanity, and more. “I feel like the world is inherently good. People are good. There is evil, but the world is inherently good.” Mark said. I felt like I could really relate to this because I’ve always had the same thought. Of course we could never overlook the fact that there is evil, and to be a little cautious, but I believe people are good, and maybe that could get me killed one day, or maybe its the naiveness of a 19 yr old, but I truly hope that I never stop believing that.” The news wants to feed us things that make the world look terrible, there’s a lot of propaganda out there that makes us want to feel like we’re living in an unsafe world, to push whatever agenda they want to push.”

When talking about the push of agendas and stricter gun regulations he says “its not a republican thing, its not a democrat thing, its a human thing.” (its crazy this is literally what i was thinking about the whole no government help for puerto rico thing, its not a dem or rep thing, its not a money thing, its literally a HUMAN thing. Anyways thats a different story. . .) But seriously, its a human thing.

No one wants these catastrophic events to happen to anyone, EVER, but one thing that makes my soul so happy and keeps me believing that the world is good, is the reaction to when these incidents do happen. Instead of creating more hate, they bring people together. Several donation, reunification, and blood donation centers were organized to help the victims, with many contributors. And love did that.”Just loving each other everyday, its about those everyday moments, the minute to minute, the little moments, those are the things that change the world.” Foster said.

“It felt wrong for us tonight to play ‘Pumped Up Kicks, it felt like it would’ve been irreverent, even though that song is about gun violence and stopping that.” he said lastly, and the band proceeded to play Love by John Lennon instead.

So, don’t be afraid, don’t let fear win. Don’t believe the world is unsafe or ultimately evil, don’t let hate do that do you. Don’t stop believing in humanity. Continue to go out, show the world that you won’t give in, that you won’t let hate and fear win. Love is always stronger and love will always win.

“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

RIP to the Route 91 victims 🙏🏻

& prayers to their mourning families

Hear the full speech here

read about pumped up kicks here

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