The ULTIMATE Lash Lift!

It’s no secret that the perfect lengthy lashes are the eyes best friend. If you use volumizing mascara, an eyelash curler, falsies or eyelash extensions to give your eyelashes that extra lift and glow, there is a better and healthier method  to reach your goal!


Yesterday I made my way down to YumiLashes in Beverly Hills, to try out their keratin lash treatment! Let me tell you that I left SO happy and satisfied!! I stumbled across YumiLashes on Instagram a few months ago when I was instantly captivated by pictures of their before and after work! I immediately did my research on the business and the Master trainer Elysee. While she is stationed in Los Angeles, she has been traveling to cities all over the country to give her keratin eye lash treatment certification class, some of those cities include New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and many more.  This is good news to those of you who aren’t in Los Angeles, there could be a certified technician near you! Elysee also prides the brand with having the best and safest products for your eyes, that are made in Europe where their regulations on beauty product ingredients are stricter. YumiLashes has been featured on Elle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Vogue, and other beauty magazines!

The treatment itself is $150 and is supposed to last 8-12 weeks, just about as long as extensions. I saw that Elysee looks for eyelash models so her students could practice on, so I booked to be an eyelash model, it was a fee of $40 and it was such a great experience! Its virtually painless and actually very relaxing, I had to wake myself up about three times, and tell myself it wasn’t nap time. The process itself is supposed to take about an hour and a half, but since I was being treated by a student it took about two hours, and yes my eyes were shut the entire time. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and look over to your phone and you swear your phone just blinded you? Yep that was me afterwards, well no just kidding, it wasn’t that bad. The treatment consists of padding, the YumiLash formula, and a dark tint to make your eyelashes a little darker. The student handed me a mirror and the results were instantaneous! I absolutely LOVED them, she did such a great job, and I could only imagine how much better they would look when done by a certified trainer or Elysee herself! I’ll definitely be coming back here as a regular customer! The best part of this is that these are MY lashes.

Here are some before and after pictures of my lashes:


I should mention that you should plan not to wear eye makeup or wet your eyelashes for the next 48 hours! Oh and after this you could still apply mascara for a more dramatic look! I thought this was such a great alternative for girls like me who constantly lose their eyelash curlers, are too scared of the damages from eyelash extensions, or simply can’t put on falsies to save their lives.

If you’d like to be an eyelash model (keep in mind that results may vary!), book an appointment with a certified technician, or even learn how master this craft, I highly recommend you follow YumiLashes and Elysee’s account. They are located in Beverley Hills, but you could go on their website directory to look for a technician located in your area! Go take a look for yourself!!

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