Happy Place LA

Hey Guys!

If you’re looking to stock up your Instagram with some of the cutest and most Instagram worthy photos, I definitely recommend you check out Happy Place in DTLA! Happy Place was originally opened for the first time back in November of last year, and was then closed down, but it became such a hit it made a comeback opening at a bigger location and is open through the end of May!

Similar to the Museum of Ice Cream pop up last year, (this place was also so much fun!) Happy Place is captivating with its interactive and brightly colored rooms, making it the perfect place to visit and get all your cute Instagram pics! Not to mention you get to collect a few sweet treats as you make your way around the maze of rooms!

My friend and I visited this place this past week and besides making sure we bent over backwards to get the perfect pictures of each other (because thats what real friends are for am I right?), it was simply just a fun time for a friend date! Friend date, couple date, or even a family date, its for everyone! The staff was very kind and will even gladly take pictures of you.

Here are just a few pictures we have of the day, way more to come soon! (They’re not all done yet!)

My favorite room was probably that love/kissy face one you see up there! I love the picture I took!

Happy Place will be open up until May 27th! So head over to their website and grab some tickets or better yet, find some on Groupon for a discounted price! Just click the link, I already found it for you! Also, head over to my Instagram highlights to see a few more little snippets of the place!


I hope you have a great experience and take some amazing pictures and most importantly have a happy and fun time with your friends and family!

As always, thanks for reading!

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