Life Update

Hi everyone!

So this week I had a super exhausting no sleep week. I’ve been super busy with school, I had two late start classes begin about two weeks ago, one of which I added literally a couple days before the start date. I now have 5 classes for a total of 15 units, and the determination to finish school and get it the heck out of the way is literally the only thing getting me through it. The really good thing I feel about this is that I feel like I’m learning to be a bit more disciplined and I’m improving my work ethic. On the other hand I’m super upset I haven’t really made time to work on all the other things I love like reselling, and it’s killing me, but I only have about a month and a half of the semester left.

This brings me to a whole different point! After a busy week, I had the day completely to myself today,  so I decided to just rest and I started watching “The 2000s” on Netflix and I’m just sitting here in my bed thinking just about how much things have changed in this era. So many really great and bad events were taking place and I’m just thinking about how I was a child through all of them. We had so many technological advances happening, I mean so many things didn’t even exist 10 years ago. What people were wanting to watch on TV changed, music and the industry changed. I wasn’t even 4 years old when 9/11 happened, but I’ve heard countless times that the US before 9/11 was so much different than the US after 9/11. It’s something I’ll never know, but my parents did. In 2007-2008 I was worried about making new friends at a new school and adapting to a new city when my family moved, while my parents were going through some tough times due to the recession. We had the first black president. Yes, this is what I’m thinking about 1am.

Anyways, it’s just really intriguing to me to look back on the history of things, and to watch how everything played out. 2019 is far from perfect, but I always feel very grateful to be living in this era. If you haven’t watched “The 2000s” I highly recommend it, theres also a mini series for the 70s, 80, and 90s. Thanks for reading, and I’m going to try my very best to stay updated on here.


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